MC Loma and Flay drink pool water after party and share opinions on social media

MC Loma and Flay drink pool water after party – Reproduction/Instagram

MC Loma She was one of the guests at “Farofa da Gkay” and took the opportunity to have fun during the party. Light and loose on the second day of the event, the influencer was even seen kissing Reynaldo Reis, in the early hours of this Wednesday (6).

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However, what really caught attention was a video shared on social media in which Loma appears alongside Flay, drinking water from the pool after the party. The gesture ended up dividing opinions on social media, with followers who considered the attitude “disgusting” and not “hygienic”. “Mercy, the piss water”said a netizen. “What cachaça doesn’t do”joked another. “I don’t judge, I’ve done similar things”said another internet user.

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MC Loma drinks pool water – Reproduction/Instagram

Gkay celebrates the success of ‘Farofa’

Influencer Gkay celebrated the success of “Farofa” on social media. The event gave something to talk about with the presence of well-known internet and media personalities, also generating quite a bit of controversy, as was to be expected.

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Gkay, 31, used his Instagram Story to celebrate the sixth edition of the party. “I could say that I’m happy, right, but I can’t even tell you how many feelings are going through my head of complete fulfillment, of thinking that I lived the best year of my life and going back to farofa root only confirmed that”he said.

The influencer also spoke about expectations for the next “Farofa”, revealing news. “Now, I think I finally feel ready to take Farofa’s next step, something you asked me for a lot. I also studied a lot and I have the help of many people in the field, who understand. I think the time has finally come.”he revealed.

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