Meifeng Chen lends her voice to the villain Lan Xinmei and ridicules “Is that okay?” – Yahoo News GRACIAAFRIKA NEWS

  1. Meifeng Chan lends her voice to the villain Lan Xinmei and teases “Is that okay?”Yahoo News
  2. Chen Meifeng goes international!The truth behind the dubbing of Hollywood movies was revealed by Lan Xinmei│TVBS News NetworkTVBS
  3. “Kung Fu Panda 4” continues to be the U.S. box office champion for two weeks, behind-the-scenes promotional video releasedBahamut Video Game Information Station
  4. Chen Meifeng 1’s photo taking habits bump into Cyndi Wang’s face! Proud to have debuted for 40 years, “It’s probably not me who looks like her”NOWnews Today Newspaper
  5. Meifeng Chan’s voice as the villain of a cartoon was ridiculed by Lam Hsin-mei: “Can you do that?”China Times News Network

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