Methanol poisoning caused 5 deaths so far this year

Until November 29 of this year, a total of 5 people had died in the country due to methanol poisoning. This is clear from the most recent epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

According to data from the Health Surveillance Directorate of the governing body, the majority of cases have been reported in the province of Alajuela, where they report 3 deaths.

The remaining reports have been given in Saint Joseph, where 1 death occurred; and Liberia, Guanacaste, with also 1 death.

In addition to this, Health reported another 4 cases of poisoned patients who survived. These cases occurred in San José, Alajuelita, Barva, and Pococí.

When analyzing the data on deaths from this cause, it is evident that this year’s figure is much lower than other years, such as 2019, when they died 75 people; or in 2020, when they were 52.

For the authorities, methanol poisoning, a toxic alcohol not suitable for beverages, is one of the pathologies with the highest mortality in emergencies. They affirm that since it is a rare pathology and with non-specific symptoms and signsthey often overlook it and with this their mortality increases.

“This is one of the conditions that, given the high suspicion in the clinical history and symptoms, we must address immediately in order to avoid a fatal outcome. Its symptoms are mainly due to the accumulation of formic acid that causes pulmonary, metabolic, neurological and renal alterations. It is a condition that must be notified once the diagnosis is confirmed, in order to carry out a sweep and find the causes, before avoiding major outbreaks,” detailed the governing body.

The Ministry reminds that early diagnosis and adequate treatment are crucial to improve the prognosis of patients, since if not treated properly, it can cause a severe poisoning, disability in the person and even death, if not treated promptly.

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