Mexico announces its application to host the 2036 Olympic Games

This Wednesday, Mexico presented its official application to host the Olympic Games in 2036. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, has assured that the country is “ambitious and successful” and that when it proposes something it is “because it knows that it will do so.” is going to achieve.” Furthermore, he has opened the door to the possibility of hosting the event in 2040 if the Government fails to commit to the first date.

The chancellor has indicated that, after the application, a promoting committee will be created made up of the groups that will participate in the project, such as businessmen, the Ministry of Culture or the Sports Commission. To do this, he has set the official presentation date for the members on November 30 of this year.

The secretary has stated that they will have to carry out an analysis to take into account the requests that come from the International Olympic Committee and has recalled that the country already has “a lot of infrastructure”, which would allow investment to be reduced. Ebrard has broken down the data on the financing of the countries that host the Olympic Games: 30% comes from sponsors, 30% from ticket sales, 30% from the Olympic Committee and 10% is covered by the host country.

The chancellor has not yet announced the city that could be the capital of the event in 2036, nor the regions that will participate, something that, he said, will depend on the analysis. “Cities do not have to adapt to the Olympic Games, rather it is the other way around: the Olympic Games have to adjust to the cities that are useful,” said Ebrard, who added that Mexico has 15 years to prepare.

The president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, María José Alcalá, has stated that Mexico has been considered by the International Olympic Committee to host the Games since last July 7. The president has shown a letter sent by the president of the International Committee, Thomas Bach, in which she says she feels “excited and proud” of the country’s nomination. The president has commented that the process “will not be easy,” although she believes that Mexico is “great competition.”

Mexico hosted the 1968 Olympic Games, an event overshadowed by the attack committed by the Army 10 days before their start, which massacred between 150 and 200 students. It was the first Latin American country to organize the Games. 112 countries and 5,516 athletes participated in 18 different modalities, making it the first to bring together more than 100 countries since the beginning of the modern Games in 1886, held in Athens.

The new 2036 bid would make Mexico the first Latin American country to host the Games twice, followed only by Brazil, which hosted in 2016.

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