Mexico orders to suspend deportations of migrants due to lack of budget

The National Migration Institute (INM) has ordered the suspension of deportations of migrants this month due to “the lack of liquidity to cover the commitments made,” indicates an internal document of the agency published by the AP agency, which had not been previously disclosed. public manner.

According to the Migration circular, the Ministry of Finance suspended payments in November due to adjustments in the budget for the end of the year, which would have left the Institute without liquidity to cover the transfers and returns of migrants until the year comes.

The temporary suspension of these activities means that Immigration will not carry out any deportation to the countries of origin of the detained persons from any point in the country. This includes the border with the United States, a point from which a large number of people are usually transferred to the center and south of the country, to decongest one of the places where most people congregate.

“With the sharp cut in the INM budget during the last month of the year, it is likely that Mexico will depend more on the National Guard to manage migration, a mission for which they are barely prepared,” Adam told AP. Isacson, immigration analyst at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).

Deportations increased during October, just after the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador reactivated the mandatory return of citizens of Cuba and Venezuela. From January to November 2023, a record was broken in asylum applications in the country. Almost 137,000 people asked to stay in Mexico waiting to cross into the United States. The highest number recorded was 2021, when asylum requests did not reach 130,000.

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