Miao Keli cursed continuously in Dagang! The audience rioted after saying “blessings” in Taiwanese | TVBS News @TVBSNEWS01 – TVBS NEWS GRACIAAFRIKA NEWS

  1. Miao Keli cursed loudly in Dagang! She dropped her Taiwanese “blessings” and the audience rioted|TVBS News @TVBSNEWS01TVBS NEWS
  2. Tsai Ing-wen suddenly shakes hands with “Zombie Makeup Lin Changzuo”!He smiled and made the whole audience laugh: When your parents see you grow up,Yahoo News
  3. The 15th anniversary of Dagang’s opening ceremony came to a perfect end!300,000 pilgrims over two days break record | EntertainmentNewtalk News
  4. Does Tsai Ing-wen show up in Dagang and start singing better than Lai Qingde?Shen Fuxiong: What will happen if Han Guoyu comes?China Times News Network
  5. Music fans held up signs to “discuss”!Lily Hua and Miao Keli staged a double-gold duel to climax as chorus dancersWind Media

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