Mirta Wons’s entrepreneurship to survive economically: “Actors have to have a plan B”

The alternative work of Mirta Wons (Video: Having lunch with Juana)

The renowned actress Mirta Wons surprised with the news that, at 58 years old, he decided to embark on a new business adventure with his partner, as detailed in an interview for the program Having lunch with Juana (El Trece), in which he shared details about his venture, because, as he explained, the acting career is very fluctuating when it comes to work.

“I have a business, I am a crafts girl.”, began his story, referring to the creation of crafts and accessories, such as heart-shaped pillows and necklaces. However, following this, he explained that his main task is acting, which has given him so much satisfaction over the years, as well as recognition not only at the national level.

About this, she explained: “I am an actress and I am happy with the work we are doing, Lost which is in its third season, and the second in Mar del Plata. I joined the cast of the play directed by José María Muscari a year ago, when there was a cast change,” and then explained the motivation behind the decision to diversify his career beyond acting. Thus, he highlighted the economic instability inherent to the acting profession: “You saw that actors have to have a plan B precisely because we work one month and not three, hopefully,” he said.

It was then that she added that this challenge is aggravated by the lack of support for entrepreneurs, something that she and her partner have faced since they started their project in 2019, before the pandemic: “It’s hard because no one can bank on us entrepreneurs.“, moment in which Juana Viale, the leader of the cycle, raised one of the heart-shaped pillows, in a multicolored style, which was praised by everyone at the table. “I made it with my own hands,” Wons said proudly.

Mirta Wons is one of the most outstanding actresses today (Mario Sar)

The business is not limited only to pillows, but also includes the manufacture of curtain holders, jewelry and other decorative and fashion items: “We were great with my partner Vivi Gómez. We started this in 2019 before the pandemic, happytaking courses as an entrepreneur”, and they decided to join forces and work together.

“We started making pillows, and then moved on to bras. I lived in Once, which I love to buy fabrics, pompoms“, she said, although the time would come for price fluctuations, so the actress mentioned the specific economic challenges encountered along the way, such as material costs, which complicate the management of the venture. Among these obstacles, she explained: “I couldn’t maintain a price, we had been working well. There was no way to support, for example, the pompoms from Tuesday to Friday jumped 20% more, so you said, for example, that The pillow that cost $100 on Monday was already $300 on Thursday and that’s how it went.”.

I was ashamed because the entrepreneur is sweat, tears and never winning, it is recovering. There comes a time when you say ‘Hey, I’ve been doing this for three years and I still haven’t seen a mango.’‘. And they are divine things, they tell you, but if I have to sell it at the real price, I can’t do it,” he expressed about the difficulties he encounters on this new path undertaken, a business adventure, driven by his creativity and commitment to his art.

Through this initiative, the interpreter left a message that it is never too late to explore new horizons and seek personal and professional fulfillment in fields other than those in which one built their career.

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