Morena polls: a unity agreement, a gender rule and the day the candidacy will be announced in Mexico City

Tensions in Morena’s internal process delayed the announcement of its gubernatorial candidates in Mexico City and eight other Mexican entities. The list of the nine selected will be defined through surveys, just as Claudia Sheinbaum’s candidacy for the presidency was chosen. On this occasion, the ruling party faces a series of guidelines from the National Electoral Institute (INE) on gender parity, and has protected itself with the signing of an agreement between its candidates to attest that they know every detail of the process. and they will accept the results of the internal election.

In the country’s capital, Clara Brugada and Omar García Harfuch stand out as the favorites to reach the ballot in the 2024 elections. A survey by Enkoll for EL PAÍS shows that García Harfuch, former Secretary of Security in the Sheinbaum Government, leads the polls with 43% of effective preferences. Then there is the former mayor of Iztapalapa, Clara Brugada, with 31%. She is followed by Hugo López-Gatell, who was Undersecretary of Health in the López Obrador Government, with 17%. Then there is Mariana Boy, former candidate for head of Government for the Green Party in 2018 with 6%, and finally, the deputy Miguel Torruco with 3%.

How are Morena candidates chosen?

The national president of Morena, Mario Delgado, explained that the selection of state coordination is a different process from that carried out at the national level between the months of August and September. “Here there was no obligation to waive or travel; There were restrictions on the issue of advertising, but the surveys can be done from the moment the final names were published, obviously it cannot be said which day. The only thing we do not reveal to the candidates is when the polls are going to be taken,” he said.

During a press conference on October 16, Delgado said that all the candidates signed a document where they accept that they know the process and methodology, and that they will accept the results of the surveys as well as the gender criteria added by the INE. The leader did not reveal the names of the survey houses, but pointed out that in several States, they are the same ones that participated in the survey carried out at the national level.

What is the gender parity rule and how will it be applied?

At the beginning of October, the INE established a gender parity rule to guarantee that women access positions of power during the 2024 elections. The project indicates that parties will have to nominate women as candidates in five of the nine governorships. , including Mexico City. Thus, when the total number of candidates is an odd number, it is proposed that the excess place be allocated to a woman.

The initiative was not well received by all sectors. The representatives of different parties and some electoral advisors showed their disagreement, which began a period of debate between the parties involved. Mario Delgado assured that in the case of the party he leads, more women than men have run for state government. “We, of course, are going to respect that provision.” [la paridad de género]out of conviction, not because the authorities tell us to,” he expressed.

Whether this rule benefits Clara Brugada, former mayor of Iztapalapa, everything will depend on the final results of the surveys in the nine states. The selection of the five Morena women candidates will be based on those whose polls show the greatest chances of victory. Millennium reported that Morena faced a lack of consensus on how to define which men to discard from the process to comply with the gender parity rule without putting the governorships of the entities at stake at risk.

When will Morena’s nine candidacies be announced?

Morena will announce its candidates for governor next Friday, November 10, and not on October 30 as initially planned. The ruling party will announce their coordinators in nine entities: Chiapas, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Morelos, Puebla, Tabasco, Veracruz and Yucatán. The nine selected to coordinate the ‘defense committees of the Fourth Transformation’ will also be Morena’s candidates for the governorships that will be elected next year. Delgado said that an agreement was reached so that the participants respect the results of the surveys, and that situations do not arise that divide the party or prevent continuing with the project of the Fourth Transformation.

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