Morena Rial revealed how much she pays for rent per day and left everyone in shock

“I work in social networks and advertising,” He mentioned and specified that he has been trying to get an apartment for several months so he can settle in and be with his little one.

Morena said that, although she has a good income, a large part of what she earns goes to paying the rent. “With the networks you make good money. You can live in peace. The issue is that the money, with the temporary rentals…“, he added.

Jorge Rial’s daughter left everyone in shock when she revealed how much she pays per day to have a place to sleep.Imagine that I pay almost 50 thousand pesos per day for a place to live. Per day. “It’s crazy money,” he sentenced.

Red-handed! The photos of More Rial in a restaurant with who would be her new boyfriend

In the midst of knowing the distressing situation he is experiencing More Rial for not having a fixed place to live and being away from your child Francescoin the last hours the daughter of Jorge Rial She seemed very well accompanied.

The young woman was very well accompanied by a man in a restaurant in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermowhere he shared a table and chat with him, and the first images are known.

More and the boy in question shared a dinner and delicious drinks at a table of three, since another woman was also with them.

brunette rial new boyfriend.jpg

The three then left the restaurant but could not avoid being seen in the place. It has been a few months since the sentimental present of More Rial.

In mid-2022, Brunette separated from Maxi Bertorelloknown as the Maxia musician from Córdoba with whom she had an affair for a few months and then they separated.

And at the end of 2023, she was related to a man who is imprisoned in the Penitentiary of Fuller in Mar del Plata. “I’ve known him for a long time,” said the journalist’s daughter about that connection.

The images of More Rial with who would be his new love that surprised everyone.

brunette rial new boyfriend 2.jpg

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