Morena Rial told the fortune she pays in rent per day and left everyone in shock: “It’s crazy”

Morena Rial needs a roof of her own to live with her son, who is currently in the care of Facundo Ambrosioni, his father. Due to the lack of help from Jorge Rialwho did buy an apartment for his sister, Rocío, the media had no choice but pay rooms per day to be able to sleep.

On his visit to Very morning (eltrece)Carmen Barbieri’s program, revealed how much do you pay per night and the rental price left the host, viewers and her followers in shock. “I work in social networks and advertising,” she said before recognizing the value.

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With the networks you make good money. You can live peacefully. The issue is that the money, with the temporary rentals… Imagine that I pay almost 50 thousand pesos a day for a place to live. Per day. “It’s crazy money,” she closed indignantly.

Morena Rial enjoys exchanges and events in the midst of its difficult economic present. (Photo: Movilpress)By: MOVILPRESS

Morena Rial will go to trial after the theft of 7 cell phones in a store

In March of last year, Morena Rial was denounced by her ex-partner and father of her son, Facundo Ambrosioni. The young man verified that she stole seven iPhone of the family business he has in Córdoba and the security cameras are his evidence. There she is seen in the media in action, which would have given an unusual justification to avoid the escrache and problems with Justice.

“He told me that he is not aware of things because he is half bad, and she asked me, for my son’s sake, not to scratch her. She asked me if she was capable of ruining his life over a cell phone, but if she felt it, she should do it. The owner of the place is my brother. Just that day she had taken my son’s phone to be fixed, and when she went to pick it up, she took advantage of the fact that the staff was distracted and went behind the counter,” the man from Córdoba explained at that time in dialogue with City Magazine.

More Rial and Facundo Ambrosioni: between a good relationship for the well-being of their son and a legal conflict over a robbery. (Photo: instagram/moreerial)

Now, almost a year later, he exclaimed to the same media that the oral trial will be this month. Furthermore, he maintained that he will fight for custody of his son, that he cannot be with his mother because she was left on the street. “I have had Fran since August and no one comes looking for him… Because of the abandonment and everything they have done. The Justice of Córdoba is the fairest there is. I think that Judge María Belén Mignón does not have many things to see, if everything is visible. Plus the evidence we present and everything, it is obvious that we are going to have good news,” he said hopefully.

Morena Rial faces a devastating situation. (Photo: Capture of America)

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