Moreno calls on the PSOE voter to “stop” Vox

The president of the Board and candidate of the PP, Juanma Moreno, called this Thursday to voters who opted for the PSOE in the last 2018 elections to opt for their ballot on June 19, since he understands that many of these citizens value his management and see him as only option to concentrate the vote to “stop” Vox. The reaction from the head of the Vox list has not been long in coming: according to Macarena Olona, ​​”it is not about stopping, but about Andalusia starting” and has pointed out that Moreno “thinks only about his armchair.”

On the seventh day of the campaign for the Andalusian elections on June 19, the ‘popular’ leader participated in an event on fishing in Fuengirola (Málaga). There, he has told journalists that he believes that he has “a clear option” to govern alone, “without his hands tied,” if those vote capture forecasts come true, where some polls give hima transfer of up to 16%.

According to Moreno, many citizens have understood that “the only formula to stop this party (Vox) is by concentrating the vote” and he has assured the PP that they will not stop “even to increase that percentage.” Thus, he has made a call to thevoters who opted for the PSOE or by other parties in the last elections to seek “the useful vote”, which in his opinion is only represented by him as a “moderate, inclusive” option. “If that happens it means that I have a good chance of governing alone,” Moreno said.

It is not the first time that the party has spoken in this direction. The national president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, pointed out at a rally last Saturday in Granada that “You can be a socialist and vote for Juanma Moreno“, in a clear appeal to the dissatisfied voters of the party currently led by Juan Espadas in Andalusia.

Olona: “He only thinks about his public chair”

For Olona, ​​however, “it is not about stopping, but about getting Andalusia started,” he expressed in a message on his Twitter account. The Vox candidate believes that, to achieve this goal, “you have to remove the burden of the politicians and parties who want to push it back”, in reference to Moreno, because in his opinion “only in his public chair and not in the well-being of the Andalusians.”

From the formation chaired by Santiago Abascal they continue to insist on entering the Board and repeating the coalition government that debuted in Castilla y León. “Either together or they don’t govern,” they insist. The truth is that the polls grant an unqualified victory to the PP, although He would need the support of Vox to reissue the mandate.

Moreno describes the video with the image next to the king as an “error”

In another order of things, Moreno has also spoken out regarding the decision of the Andalusian Electoral Board, which decreed this Thursday that the law is violated in the video on social networks of the PP that includes an image of Moreno next to King Felipe VI . The ‘popular’ leader has admitted that it was “a mistake” by the campaign teams that he did not know about and has explained that nor likes to “use the symbols of the State” and much less the king.

On the other hand, regarding the judge’s decision not to call Juan Espadas’ wife to testify for the FAFFE, he said that he always tries to be “very correct and respectful, also when it affects close circles,” but he believes that When there is “any doubt” it is best to clarify it “as soon as possible” to dispel uncertainty around “the location of this lady” in the foundation.

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