Motorcycle driver flees after crash in which passenger died

The agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) expanded the details about an accident that occurred this Saturday, in Corredores, where A man who was traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle died.

The events occurred minutes before 8:00 pm in La Bota, on the so-called Cuesta.

Under circumstances that are unclear, the driver of the motorcycle lost control of the motorcycle and crashed. crashed into a pole. As a result of the impact, his companion died at the scene.

When authorities arrived at the scene, the driver had fled.

The victim She was identified with the surname Cubillo Rocha, 29 years old.

“The case continues under investigation by OIJ agents from Ciudad Neily, to clarify the facts and find the driver of said motorcycle,” they indicated from the OIJ Press Office.

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