Munive recycles criticism on the ground and threatens not to give health permission

The Minister of Health, Mary Munive Angermullerassured that if the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) decides to build the new Max Peralta hospital in Cartago on the land they bought in 2011, it will reject the health operating permit.

This was stated in an interview with Trivisión Canal 36 in which he presented a report in which he recycled the questions that the President of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves, and the head of Social Security, Marta Eugenia Esquivel, had made.

“They have purchased that land, but if they build outside the instructions of the Ministry of Health, guess who is the one that authorizes the health facilities in the country? Unfortunately we might not enable it. We must be respectful, not only with the regulations, but also with what international standards say,” he stated.

The doctor, who assumed the rector’s portfolio on May 10, questioned the land use of the land, the proximity it has to the chemical companies in the area, and the criteria of “safe hospital”.

However, those questions that the Executive had already made were contradicted by the institution itself and by the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (Setena).

Safe hospital and proximity to industries

Munive validated the CCSS definition of “safe hospital” and noted that an establishment that respects this criterion is one that has maximum protection against adverse events and whose services remain accessible and functioning at maximum capacity and in its same infrastructure.

“It is extremely important that this number one point, which is the environment part, has a rating of 100, because if not from there, you cannot continue (with the project),” said the current Minister of Health.

For the doctor, the proximity of the land to the industries makes it unsuitable and does not meet the criteria indicated above. “If there is a potential risk and, above all, if there is already legislation and people who have studied and analyzed this, and that generates specific requirements to be able to locate a safe hospital, one does not take that chance.”

The minister assured that there are technical risk analysis reports from the Ministry of Health with modulations that show that the new hospital would be disabled in case of emergencies in the vicinity of that land.

“So, does this hospital fulfill its mission or not? Never. So the hospital, on the land that is predisposed, should not be built,” he stated.

However, a product of the Caja’s Internal Audit contradicts what Munive stated in the report that was televised. in the note AS-AOPER-0095-2023 On October 17, the Caja’s auditor, Olger Sánchez, confirmed that the new Max Peralta project does meet the definition of a “safe hospital” approved by the Social Security Board of Directors.

“In accordance with the elements of fact and law analyzed in this document, it was determined that the institution, in response to the institutional safe hospital policy approved by the Board of Directors, implemented for the execution of the projects, both in the obtaining stage of properties and for the construction of public works, what is established in the tool I-ABI-01 ‘Guide to Technical Analysis and Appraisals’, which contemplates the parameters, studies and regulations that must be applied in each of the construction processes. execution of the projects (planning, land acquisition, design and construction), studies accredited in the files of Tender 2010 LN-000001-4402, ‘Purchase of land for the construction of the Cartago hospital’; tender 2022LN-000001-4402 ‘New Hospital Dr. Maximiliano Peralta Jiménez, Cartago’ and in Administrative File No. D1-0116-2019-SETENA”, reads the note to which this medium had access.

According to the Audit, the analysis carried out in this regard shows that for this purpose, geotechnical studies, soil mechanics studies, geotectonic, paleoseismic, neotectonic, road impact, hydrological, environmental, technological and natural risk management.

“Therefore, the active administration followed the parameters established in the recommendations of the ‘Guide for the evaluator of safe hospitals, resolution CD45.R8 ‘Preparation and response to disasters’ as well as the Safe Hospitals policy of the CCSS” , he pointed.

He recalled, like the Rector of Health, that a safe hospital is one that has the maximum possible protection against adverse events and whose services remain accessible and operating at its maximum capacity and on its same infrastructure, immediately after one of said events occurs.

Among them, the definition indicates risks due to geological phenomena, earthquakes, hydrometeorological phenomena, hurricanes, sanitary-ecological phenomena, pollution, geotechnical properties of the soil. Since the misty hospital project on that land located in Tejar del Guarco, Yes, it meets the criteria.

“In this regard, this Audit determined that the administration has implemented the tool I-ABI-01 Guide to Technical Analysis and Appraisals, (formerly P-ABl 02 ‘Guide to Technical Analysis of Land’) which establishes the actions to be carried out when evaluating a land or real estate, among which are: verification of compliance with the legality of the acquisition, data collection and field inspection, valuation and technical analysis, sizing area for the project, shape of the land, topography, quantity of fronts, ground level, accessibility, among others”

“In the specific case of the acquisition of land for the new Cartago Hospital, the application of the tool P-ABl 02 ‘Guide to Technical Analysis of land prior to awarding’ was evidenced (bidding file folio 0038 Faculty of Administration, 1025 Technical Recommendation and 1332 Technical Land Analysis,’” the auditor said.

In the report, the minister also recalled the criteria of Setena on the land use of the land, and of the College of Geologists. On this point, it is worth remembering that, on November 1, that Secretariat validated that the batch It does have the use of the land and therefore granted the environmental viability license for the land.

“Various technical studies have been presented to determine with certainty the suitability of the site to establish the project there,” they stated in the letter No. 1668-2023-Setena sent to the Pro Hospital Association of Cartago, who filed the complaint.

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