New medical bulletin reveals singer Zé Neto’s health status

Zé Neto and Cristiano (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)
Zé Neto and Cristiano (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

After the singer’s accident Zé Neto, from the duo with Cristiano, fans have been seeking information about his health. According to a new medical bulletin released this Friday (8), he remains hospitalized and has shown positive progress.

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+ Zé Neto has his health status and clinical condition updated by the medical team

Still with no expected hospital discharge, the countryman is performing respiratory physiotherapy exercises, as reported by Quem. The São José do Rio Preto Base Hospital also reported that Zé Neto remains under the care and observation of the medical team.

It was mentioned that his clinical condition has shown positive improvements. “The patient’s clinical condition has been evolving positively, with him being conscious and oriented. There is no forecast for hospital discharge”highlights the hospital.

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His stay in the hospital is important so that he can receive all the necessary care and, thus, finally recover from the fractures suffered during the accident.

According to medical protocols, it is recommended that the patient remain in a hospital environment when involved in a high-impact automobile accident. Due to fractures in three ribs, since admission to the ICU, the patient has been performing respiratory physiotherapy exercises to contribute to his well-being. Fracture treatment is conservative.”completes the bulletin.

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The producer reveals what caused the accident

According to information shared by the singer’s producer, Genilson Farias, through Stories on Instagram, Zé Neto had suffered the accident when trying to avoid an animal that had crossed the track. “A lot of people are asking what the reason for the accident is. According to Zé himself, he had to avoid an animal that had entered the track.”he explained.

+ Natália Toscano shares first photo with Zé Neto after serious accident in the backcountry

In order not to collide with a cyclist who was traveling on the same road, the singer would have thrown the car to the side, hitting other vehicles. “To avoid colliding with the cyclist who was on the same road, he had to throw his car to the side and, unfortunately, collided with the vehicles”revealed the producer.

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