Nicole Neumann spoke in depth about her pregnancy and told what was the first thing she stopped consuming

After the rumors, Nicole Neumann confirmed that she is expecting a baby with her new husband, Manu Urcera. The news was announced during the wedding which was celebrated this Friday, together with his family and friends.

Through her Instagram profile, the top model He shared several photos in which he showed his 12 week tummy. Furthermore, he told his followers that stopped consuming coffee at the beginning of pregnancy because it made him nauseous.

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“After two months of not being able to see or smell coffee… One morning it came back!”, Nicole wrote in the stories of the aforementioned social network. There, she showed a postcard of her breakfast where there was also a glass with orange juice and variety of cereals.

Nicole Neumann was happy because she was able to drink coffee again after passing the first weeks of pregnancy. (Photo: Instagram/nikitaneumannoficial)

Thus, Fabián Cubero’s ex-partner made it clear that in the first weeks of pregnancy stopped consuming his favorite infusion. Yanina Latorre had even revealed that the model She had to bleach the pregnancy of her three daughters because “he started to feel bad.”

“It had to do absolute rest last week. In addition, people began to suspect because at her civil wedding she did not drink alcohol and neither did she drink alcohol at her bachelorette party,” the panelist said in LAM (America).

The first photos of Nicole Neumann with her pregnant belly

After enjoying a night of partying, Nicole Neumann and Manuel Urcera They woke up at the exclusive Exaltación de la Cruz room where they received 400 guests. After the food, the dancing and the emotional moments of the event, the model published photos and videos of her on her social networks. the intimacy of the celebration and showed off her pregnant belly for the first time.

Nicole Neumann no longer hides her pregnant belly and showed the intimate photos of her wedding (Photo: Instagram / nikitaneumannoficial)

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In the postcards she shared through her official Instagram account, Nicole is seen very smiling and posing in profile with her sister Gege, one of the bridesmaids. Later, The model was photographed hugging with her husband, Manuel Urcera, in the middle of the Rio carnival. The detail that caught attention is that both rested their hands on the driver’s belly, making their happiness official with the arrival of a new member to the family.

Nicole Neumann no longer hides her pregnant belly and showed the intimate photos of her wedding (Photo: Instagram / nikitaneumannoficial)

The publications also included videos of the moment in which Nicole He arrived at the altar in an antique cream-colored convertible car driven by his father.. The model wore two looks during the night: after the nude dress with white embroidered details that she wore for the ceremony, she chose to wear a white jumpsuit with transparencies and a unicorn-shaped neckline for the moment of the dance. Later, to cope with the cold, she added a personalized jean jacket.

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