Nicole Neumann talked about her pregnancy and revealed what was the first thing she stopped consuming

“After two months of not being able to see or smell coffee… One morning it came back!”, Nicole wrote in the stories. There, she showed a postcard of her breakfast where there was also a glass with orange juice and a variety of cereals.

In this way, Neumann made it clear that in the first weeks of pregnancy she stopped consuming her favorite infusion, coffee.

Nicole Neumann

The first photo of Nicole Neumann showing her pregnant belly was leaked

Even though this week Nicole Neumann tried to avoid inquiries about the pregnancy rumors that began to circulate strongly, the model finally confirmed the happy news this Friday during the religious ceremony of her marriage to Manu Urcera.

According to what was learned, the couple had decided to make the good news official not only to share their joy with friends and family, but mainly because at 12 weeks of gestation the incipient belly began to appear.

It happens that as a woman goes through several pregnancies, in her case this is the fourth, in each new pregnancy the belly appears earlier.

As it was, the happy news was confirmed just a few hours ago, it was none other than Pochi from Gossipeame who shared the first photo of Nicole with her husband where she looks happy about her long-awaited pregnancy at 43 years old. Congratulations!

first photo Nicole Neumann pregnant belly.jpeg

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