Nicole Neumann’s precautions at her wedding party with Manu Urcera to protect her baby on the way

December 8th, Nicole Neumann Not only did he celebrate his marriage with Manu Urceraalso announced to the four winds that she is pregnant.

After living a magical night with the motorist, with his daughters, Allegra, Sienna and Indiana Cuberoand with her loved ones in an exclusive stay in Exaltación de la Cruz, the model shared online the care she strictly respected to protect her baby.

“How difficult it was to stop myself from jumping all night. Dance to earth, haha. Well, taking care of my chick a lot. Not to mention alcohol 0, clear. Still, I made it to the end,” Nicole commented on Instagram Stories.

Photo: Nicole Neumann’s Instagram.

Photo: Instagram.


Giving a small sample of that, Neumann uploaded a video in which she is seen dancing with her new husband, both of them at arm’s length from two guests, but surrounded by hands to support her. against any false movement that could destabilize her and knock her down.

“Love. All hands taking care of chick”, the model titled the material, in which she is seen fully enjoying her marriage to Manu Urcera without losing sight of the baby that is on the way.

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