Noe Antonelli missed the very spicy phrase that Sabrina Cortez said about Alan live

In A la Barbarossa was as a guest Alan Simoneone of the last to leave the house Big Brother 2023. They talked about their reunion with Sabrina Cortezthe last to leave the game, and Noe Antonelli she skidded when, without realizing that the cameras were taking her, she reproduced what the young woman said about a dinner with the boy with whom she was intimate. ¡Georgina Barbarossa He ended up challenging her!

“I thought I wasn’t ‘flat out.’”

“She still told him ‘I’m not going to…’. “I’m not going to repeat it,” the journalist said, carefully, without realizing that she was being taken. “I’m not going to fuck you,” she whispered, a phrase that was heard clearly in the microphone and the host intervened with a “well, well” to silence her.

Tempted to laugh, while all her classmates followed her, the panelist excused herself. “I thought she wasn’t ‘strikeout,’” she said, amused. “You weren’t flat, the microphone was open,” the host closed, without any smile. Oh!

Photo: TV CaptureBy: Ivan Basso


Noe Antonelli shared a post on his Instagram account. “Thank you all for so many beautiful messages. I still don’t fall, haha. But well, here I come, after a few months disconnected to share with you this news that has us flashed and happy,” she wrote.

“You are going to have a half-crazy father, but with the noblest heart that could exist, the best older sister in the world that you could ever have, and a mother who has yet to understand all the things in life with reason, but who while He discovers them, he lives them with the pulse of his soul. We love you baby. Welcome to life. Buckle up,” she snapped.

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