Novak Djokovic reveals what “annoys” him the most about Rafa Nadal

They are not “friends”as Djokovic has stated in several circumstances, but Rafael Nadal and Novak embody a rivalry that, together with Roger Federerit is not the history of tennis, but of sport.

Of course, as with any other face to face, friction can arise. In an interview on ’60 minutes’, the Serbian told what has bothered him most about the Manacorí in a relationship that has been going on for more than 15 years.

It all happened in the locker room during the preview of a Roland Garros match: “I remember playing with him at Roland Garros, our lockers were next to each other, very close. We try to give ourselves space, but the locker room is not that big“.

And it was then when, as has been seen in many other situations, Rafa started his ‘psychological game’ and began to warm up to intimidate his rival.

“You already know how Nadal performs those jumps before going out on the court, Even in the locker room he does sprints with his rivals. She could even hear what music she was listening to in her headphones, all that bothers me“recalls ‘Nole’.

At the time, the world number 1 did not realize that it was a “script”, and managed to draw strength from that “annoyance”.

“I didn’t realize all this, which is actually a script, at the beginning of my career. There I felt intimidatedbut it motivated me to show that I was ready for battle,” added Djokovic, who wants a ‘last dance’ with Rafa Nadal in 2024. And if it can be at Roland Garros, the better.

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