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You can’t keep a great film down.
The Divide, Perry King’s double-barrel triumph as director and star, was exceptionally well-received on the festival circuit throughout 2018, and was voted top prizes in the Best Picture and Best Actor categories of the second annual C&I Movie Awards. But the movie received only limited theatrical distribution, and failed to attract the attention needed for an indie production to survive and thrive. It quickly slipped into obscurity and, worse, inaccessibility.
Guess what? It’s back. And better still, it’s available for free viewing on YouTube, where it can finally find the wide audience it richly deserves.
This is what we had to say about King’s outstanding drama after its premiere at the 2018 World/Fest Houston International Film Festival:
“In The Divide, his debut effort as a feature film director, King gives an extraordinary performance as Sam Kincaid, a Northern California rancher who, during the drought of 1976, struggles to remember what is important — and transcend what he cannot forget — as he is gradually diminished by Alzheimer’s Disease at a time when the malady was not yet acknowledged as anything other than advancing senility.
“Working in concert with screenwriter Jana Brown, he has fashioned an uncommonly compelling and emotionally rich drama that gives himself… the chance to do what his admirers have always known he was capable of doing: Be drop-dead brilliant without working up a sweat.
“But wait, there’s more: King surrounds himself with such sterling supporting players as Bryan Kaplan as Luke Higgins, Kincaid’s hired hand, a man yearning for his own shot at redemption; Sara Arrington (of Amazon Prime’s Bosch) as Sarah, Kincaid’s estranged daughter, who’s reluctant to admit her feelings toward Sam or Luke; Luke Colembero as C.J., Sarah’s son, who desperately needs a grandfather and a father figure; and Levi Kreis (who earned a 2010 Tony Award for playing Jerry Lee Lewis in the original Broadway production of Million Dollar Quartet) as Tom Cutler, a deceptively charismatic fellow with a score to settle with Sam.”
You can read our 2018 interview with Perry King here. And you can watch The Divide here.

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