Ombudsman summons leaders of the OIJ and Treasury to discuss security issues

The Ombudsman’s Office summoned Randall Zúñiga, director of the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) and Nogui Acosta, Minister of Finance, to a work session in order to find a solution to the amount of State resources that should be invested in crime and security material.

This occurs after the country, in the midst of a wave of violence, exceeded 840 homicides in the first days of December.

“It is considered urgent that the Costa Rican State redouble its efforts with the objective of guaranteeing greater security for the population in general,” mentions the Ombudsman’s Office.

As mentioned by the Ombudsman’s Office in official letter No. DH-1130-2023, State resources must ensurer the fight against crime and criminality in the countrythis after the limitations placed by the Ministry of Finance to provide resources to the OIJ.

The call It is scheduled for next Wednesday, December 13.

“This National Human Rights Institution is in the process of evaluating and monitoring the recently presented National Security Policy, so that its implementation guarantees the right to security that
“We are the people who live in Costa Rica,” the press release added.

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