“On Oscar night I didn’t find out half of it, I was very nervous… now I would try to enjoy it more”

Surely you remember that one “I grew up in a place called Alcobendas where this is not a very realistic dream“. 15 years have passed since that night that we believed Penelope Cruz I would never forget. But we were wrong. “The truth is that I don’t remember much, now I think about it and it’s as if they were telling me a story and I think it’s because of that level of stress and adrenaline that was so strong at that moment,” says the actress.

He receives us in a brief interview at the Santo Mauro hotel in Madrid where he promotes his new film. He is drawn a special emotion in his eyes, and also a gesture of vertigo when we go back to that Oscar gala in which he shone with his own light in Los Angeles. About what she would say to that Penelope from fifteen years ago, she reflects: “Well Maybe I would try to enjoy it even more, because I didn’t understand half of it. because I was so nervous… My family sometimes tells me: but don’t you remember this when we went to ‘In and Out’? And I don’t remember, I guess it’s normal for someone who has experienced something like that,” she says.

Reviewing the file we see that he began his acceptance speech with two warnings: he joked about if anyone had fainted there before because she could be the first and she announced that she would not complete the 45 seconds. Of course, it is a challenge to summarize her career in a few lines, especially considering what would come next.

In addition to finish ‘Oscarized’ with Woody Allen has worked with Rob Marshall, Ridley Scott, Ben Stiller, Kenneth Branagh and a long etcetera. His dramatic roles stand out, performed in impeccable English with different accents.. It has also become muse of italian cinema from the hand of Sergio Castellitto or Emanuele Criasele. He surprised the world by embodying Versace in the American Crime Story series. Indeed, recently confessed to Pablo Motos in El Hormiguerowho meticulously prepares each character and practices each accent at home. “I became obsessed with Donatella Versace, she still spoke English with an accent even at home with my family so my children will have a diverse ear.”

He has had to show off that English with an Italian accent again in his latest film that he is presenting these days in Spain. Michael Mann He trusted her to embody Laura Ferrari in ‘Ferrari’. He says that she really wanted to work with the director and that in their first conversation on the phone He admitted one of his great traumas that he had not talked about until now: “Without having read the script I told him: ‘You don’t think I’m driving a Ferrari, do you? like that,'” he says, laughing. “Because that’s not going to go well because I have panic at speed and this is surely why I told what happened to my sister who was run over in front of me when I was seven years old, which fortunately turned out well,” the actress elaborates.

In the interview we also asked him about his role as director. “I’m immersed in a documentary, I’ve been working on it for a year and I have about two more left. “Now I can’t comment on anything but when it comes out I will have a lot to tell,” she says. The actress recently revealed that Juan Diego Botto encouraged her to take on the role of director and that he really wants. Meanwhile, he will continue to make us enjoy with memorable performances with which he will continue to make the history of our cinema.

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