“On top of the world,” Kelce’s words after winning the Super Bowl


(AFP)- Travis Kelce, the partner of pop superstar Taylor Swiftsaid he felt “on top of the world” after winning his third NFL Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Kelce and Swift – who supported the Chiefs from a box at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas – were the main protagonists of the Chiefs’ 25-22 overtime victory against the San Francisco 49ers.

The victory, resolved with a touchdown with three seconds left, capped a dream week for the new favorite couple in American sports.

Swift, the most popular singer of the moment, The previous Sunday she had become the artist with the most Grammy awards for Best Album of the Year.

Feel “on top of the world right now. It’s a good feeling.”Kelce responded to the question of whether anyone had a better week.

But before the happiness of victory, the ‘tight end’ experienced a true emotional roller coaster on the pitch.

Under the spotlight like never before in his career, Kelce caused tense moments when the 49ers took the lead in the first half.

The burly ‘tight end’, 1.93m tall and 113kg, ran on the sideline towards his veteran coach Andy Reid shouting at him and pushing him until he almost made him fall.

Kelce, who recovered in the second half and was key to Kansas City’s victory, downplayed the action and said that Reid is “the best coach” in NFL history.

“I owe this guy my entire career and how to control how emotional I get. “I adore him,” said the player about the coach who guided him to three titles in the last five seasons.

Kelce “He is very emotional in every game. “I get it, I have five kids, so I get it,” Reid, 65, joked.

“What I like is that he loves to play and wants to help his team win. “It wasn’t a selfish thing,” she noted. “As much as it shocks me, I’m going for it. And we both understand that… he just caught me a little off balance.”

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