Only close contacts will be vaccinated

The Public Health Commission approved this Thursday monkeypox vaccination for close contacts of confirmed cases.

The technicians of the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities have taken into account the“limited availability of doses” and, therefore, prioritize the vaccination of people at high risk of severity or exposure to the virus.

For now, They rule out a campaign to immunize population groups or in a generalized way, as happened with the coronavirus. However, “it could be recommended later depending on the evolution of the outbreak and the availability of vaccines,” they have pointed out from the department headed by Carolina Darias.

The minister announced the previous week at the Health Commission in the Congress of Deputies that the first 200 doses of the vaccine were about to be received. Imvanex vaccine, from the Danish pharmaceutical company Bavarian Nordicbut the Government expects to receive more as a result of the joint purchase with the European Union.

Be prepared It is the same as for traditional smallpox and contains a modified live form of the cowpox virus, called “Ankara cowpox.” For this reason, it is already authorized by the European Medicines Agency.

Spain is the second country most affected by the outbreak

Spain It is the second most affected country in this outbreak outside Africa, only behind the United Kingdom. The majority of these positives have been reported in the Madrid’s community, which already adds up to 250.

Far behind the capital, it is Canary Islandswith twenty confirmed positives in total, while some isolated cases have been reported from Catalonia, the Basque Country, Andalusia, Aragon, Galicia, the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands and Castilla-La Mancha, according to the information offered by the same autonomous communities.

So far, all patients aremild in their homes. The usual symptoms of the disease are fever, head and body pain, swollen glands, and rashes on the hands and face, similar to those caused by chickenpox.

He incubation period It ranges from 5 to 13 days, although sometimes it can reach up to 21, so a three-week quarantine is recommended for contacts. The Health protocol, however, only establishes isolation for those infected.

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