[Original Sound Presented LIVE]The 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards red carpet was star-studded – TVBS NEWS GRACIAAFRIKA NEWS

  1. [Original Sound Presented LIVE]The red carpet of the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards was star-studdedTVBS NEWS
  2. Academy Awards 2024|Red carpet event|Stephy Lam’s see-through evening dress dazzles the audience, Kelly Lin and Carina Lau make an elegant appearanceYahoo newspaper
  3. Hong Kong Film Awards/Wu Kangren and Xu Guanghan’s “black and white handsome men” shocked the audience!He was interviewed in Cantonese and was shocked│TVBS News NetworkTVBS
  4. Academy Awards 2024︱40-year-old Miss Hong Kong champion shocked netizens with her super-frozen age, Carina Lau’s unique look stole the spotlightHong Kong 01
  5. Baby returned to Hong Kong from Shanghai and was picked up by fans to attend the Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony | on.cc East Network | LINE TODAYLINE TODAY Hong Kong

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