Otto Guevara appears owing ¢15 million to the CCSS

The former deputy and former presidential candidate of the now extinct Libertarian Movement, Otto Guevara Guth appears delinquent with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) for ¢15.7 million.

This is what the Employer Delinquency Consultation site of the institution’s Collections Department shows.

According to the information, the former legislator’s debt corresponds to items of the Fund and Worker Protection Law.

The debt, according to the site, It is in the process of administrative collection.

What does Guevara say?

Asked about this debt with the Fund, Guevara said that it is due to an “inadmissible” transfer of charges to his trial for fees between the years 2008 and 2014 for being an independent worker.

“That amount makes no head or tail,” said the former congressman, who said he requested the prescription of this debt with the Fund in accordance with the law approved in April of last year that imposes a statute of limitations of 4 years on CCSS for the collection of social charges from independent workers.

“It is due to a transfer of charges, in my opinion inappropriate, that the Fund made of alleged independent worker fees in 2008 and 2014. That amount makes no head or tail. I already requested the prescription of that amount due to the laws that the deputies approved last year,” Guevara said.

It should be mentioned that, in April of last year after the approval of this project to prescribe the debts of independent workers with the Fund, The ex-libertarian described as “batters” the representatives of the Fund who estimated a collection of ¢252 billion for the institution, after reducing the prescription of arrears from 10 to 4 years.

“What hitters. CCSS financial statements are going to be cleaned up, eliminating accounts receivable older than four years from these, for those who claim prescription, but I don’t see more informal independent workers approaching the CCSS since they will be charged payments for four years,” he said. Guevara on that occasion.

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