outdoors and in luxury

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The couple gave the “yes I want” accompanied by friends and family in the luxurious Monte Chico field, located in Exaltación de la Cruz, within the province of Buenos Aires, where details stood out such as the dreamy outdoor altar with an impeccable red carpet, or the antique convertible car in the one that the bride arrived.

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Armed with her father, who came from Europe especially to accompany her, Nicole She walked to the altar, covering her incipient pregnant belly at all times to, in the middle of the ceremony, make the official announcement with the father’s blessing. Fabricio who married them.

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In her third month of pregnancy, Neumann She wore a beautiful wedding dress, exclusively designed by Laurencio Adotwho was also in charge of dressing his three daughters –Indiana, Allegra and Siena– and her friends who served as bridesmaids.

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Meanwhile, regarding the menu that the 400 guests tasted, from THE M (América TV) last night they revealed that it was extremely varied, ranging from plates to share, grilled loin and rosemary papines, grilled trout plated with fine herbs. And for dessert, the star was: warm chocolate and dulce de leche macana, ice cream and crème anglaise.

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This is how Nicole Neumann announced her pregnancy in the middle of the wedding ceremony with Manu Urcera

Finally the big day arrived. Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera They had their mega wedding party in Exaltación de la Cruz with more than 400 guests and they thrilled everyone with a very special announcement.

The truth is that in recent days it was learned that the couple is sweetly expecting a baby, and although it was made public, the original plan of both was to surprise them on this special day.

However, far from being affected, they did not let anything overshadow this unique moment and carried out their idea. “Maybe she announced it today at the wedding because there were many people out there who either don’t watch TV or needed confirmation. “They are very happy, the girls took it great, his parents too and it was all beautiful.”he said Yanina Latorre this friday in THE M (America).

Minutes later, Santiago Sposatoa cell phone from the place of the wedding expanded: “When he finished speaking, the priest told those present: well, today all of you were setting up the fish tank, so were they. There was the couple’s knowing smile and he touched her belly.”.

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