Overdose deaths continue to grow

Gabapentin is a medication that is mainly used to treat epilepsy and pain that affects the nervous system. Karin, a pharmacist, indicates that “it causes relaxation at the brain level.” Furthermore, lately also used for chronic pain, or even for psychiatric disorders. And as scientific communicator Luis Quevedo points out, “the pain goes down.”

The problem is that most of the population that consumes it does so off-label and does not know its side effects, such as “drowsiness, dizziness, coordination problems…”. However, what is most worrying, as Quevedo warns, is that “it has the potential to be addictive,” especially if very high doses are consumed or combined with other medications. It is because of that It is compared to Fentanylalthough it is not that dangerous.

Gabapentin does not produce pleasure by relieving pain, as opioids do. However, pay attention to these data: it is already the fifth most prescribed medication in the United States and Spain. Demand doubles in just four years. In this sense, the scientific communicator affirms that this treatment “has a certain effectiveness for situations in which opioids had traditionally been used.”

The Gabapentin overdose deaths are on the rise, and although we are far from a crisis like the one being experienced in the United States, the situation worries doctors in Spain. “We only have to sell this medication under medical prescription,” defends Karin, a pharmacist. Experts warn that you must have caution when taking it and, above all, always do it with a recipe.

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