Pequeno Gui and family are robbed after Vasco game: ”Psychological terror”

Gui boy and his mother (Photo: Instagram)

Guilherme Gandra de Moura, also known as the Little Gui, went viral on the internet in recent months for appearing alongside big names in the media. The child suffers from a rare disease and needs special care. In the early hours of this Thursday, December 7th, Gui’s mother, Tayane Gandrareported that the child and his family suffered an armed robbery after the football game Vasco.

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In a publication made on her official Instagram profile, Tayane was outraged by the misfortune. She reported that she had a hard time while leaving the São Januário stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Gui’s mother also comments that the robbers even put a firearm in his face at the time of the incident. Furthermore, she confesses that she went through a lot of psychological terror.

Tayane wrote the following: “We were just robbed leaving São Januário. They put a gun in our faces, they didn’t respect Gui in the car, a child! Cell phones, watches, wedding rings and lots of psychological terror. May God protect us and help us to fight and regain what was taken from us.”reported. Check it out below!

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More about Little Gui

Recently, as you may have been notified here by Vip areaGui had a very special meeting alongside the player Neymar. In addition to the star of the Brazilian team, the child was also with the athlete Babyand the digital influencer Tony. In one of the records, the little one appeared singing alongside Neymar and Nene and moved the web.

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At the time, the child’s mother wrote the following on her Instagram Stories: “We won the game! What a day, what a thrill! No words for these incredible human beings! Thank you for all the affection you gave us, may God continue to bless your lives”detailed Tayane.

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