(PHOTOS) Pamela Anderson challenges beauty by not wearing makeup

The renowned actress and model, Pamela Anderson, caught the attention a few months ago by appearing at Paris Fashion Week without makeup on her face.

When she appeared in a yellow dress, It was unrecognizable. She didn’t have a drop of foundation on, leaving her smudges and paint in her eyes and eyebrows visible.

People magazine noted that the actress had commented that she was not going to wear makeup again. after the death of her makeup artist due to breast cancer.

However, a month ago on the TODAY program he indicated that she feels much more comfortable with herself and also, wants to challenge beauty.

“I’m in an industry that really focuses on beauty. And I thought: ‘I’m going to challenge beauty,’” said the actress known for her role in “Baywatch.”

“I think challenging ourselves is what keeps us young and beautiful. And I think that, really, beauty comes within and it is not necessary to play along,” he added.

Likewise, a few days ago she had an interview with Vogue magazine and expressed that she stopped wearing makeup, since she got tired of being in a chair for a long time to achieve a look perfect.

“I was doing it more for me than anything else. I thought, ‘Why am I putting so much effort into this? Why am I in a makeup chair for three hours?” he commented.

Furthermore, he seeks to celebrate his imperfections by showing them to the world.

“I think it’s a world of self-acceptance in my life. Just peeling back the layers, it’s almost like a new slate,” she mentioned.

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