Pitched battle in a Villaverde nightclub: seven detainees and four police officers injured by bottle blows


The UPR agents had to protect the area and their colleagues after suffering glass bottles and glasses being thrown.

Pitched battle in a Villaverde nightclub: seven detainees and four police officers

The Lovera VIP nightclub, on Emilia Ballester Street in the Madrid district of Villaverde, was the scene of a pitched battle between national police and several clients on Sunday morning. The altercations resulted in seven people arrested, of Dominican and Spanish nationality, accused of attack against a law enforcement agent, riot, injuries and public disorder, according to the Madrid Police Headquarters. In the incidents, at least four national police officers were injured and Samur treated three other people. Neighbors are mobilizing to demand the closure of the nightclub, since this is the third serious incident in less than two months.

The problem was of such magnitude that the UPR (Prevention and Reaction Unit) of the National Police intervened around six in the morning. Neighbors are already mobilizing to request the closure of the premises. It all started around 5:30 a.m. in the morning, when the room’s access controllers expelled a person for an alleged theft crime. This person was accompanied by other individuals who began to fight with other customers. The situation got out of control and glasses and bottles began to rain. The Municipal Police and the National Police went to the area.

In a first intervention they tried to calm the attacks, but the insults and attacks did not stop. Several national police officers were attacked and victims of some bottles being thrown. The presence of UPR agents was necessary to restore tranquility in the area and Establish a security perimeter at the door of the premises. All of the detainees are between 30 and 19 years old.

They were transferred to the Usera Villaverde police station. As confirmed by a spokesperson for the Madrid Police Headquarters, the police officers were injured after glass bottles and glasses were thrown at the door of the nightclub. The agents have requested the recordings of the room in order to determine if there are more people involved in the attacks on the agents.

Neighbors claim that the nightclub has been causing a lot of problems in recent months due to fights and drunkenness among customers. They add that on weekends the problems increase. “In the last four weekends there have always been fights and brawls, but this weekend has been amazing,” says José Emilio, a neighbor on the same street. Leo, another neighbor, assures that there are already several residents who are getting in touch to report the continuous scandals in the street and ask for the nightclub to close.

Last Sunday, November 19, the residents of Emilia Ballester Street already had to call 091 at seven in the morning.. Two groups fought with belts, bottles and machetes. There were three injured and 10 arrested, three minors. It was investigated whether it was a gang brawl. The previous weekend two other young people were arrested and a machete was used. According to neighbors, a shot was also heard.

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