Podemos debuts its move to the Mixed Group, attacking the PSOE and Sumar for “normalizing non-compliance” with the Constitution


He accuses his former partners of not guaranteeing “the right to decent housing while allowing speculation”

Ione Belarra, with the four Podemos deputies, attends to the media in Congress.
Ione Belarra, with the four Podemos deputies, attends to the media in Congress.Borja Sanchez-TrilloEFE
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Podemos has debuted this Wednesday its move to Mixed Group after consummating his separation from Sumar, implicitly attacking the PSOE and Yolanda Díaz’s party for “normalizing the flagrant non-compliance” of the Constitution. Specifically, he has accused his former partners of not guaranteeing the application of “the most social articles”, such as the “right to decent housing, while allowing the speculation of Vulture funds and banking”.

“It is a very serious mistake and a first-order problem,” stressed the secretary of the formation dwelling and deputy, Ione Belarra, in statements to the media before the event for the 45th anniversary of the Magna Carta. It has also disfigured them without mentioning them that, instead of ensuring “all wealth” in Spain is “subordinated to the general interest”, they have openly allowed “large companies to earn billion-dollar profits in these economically difficult years for families.”

Belarra assures that Podemos moves to the mixed group to be able to maintain its “brave” voice

According to the Podemos leader, the decision to separate from Sumar has been “difficult, but essential” to continue being “a useful tool to transform our country” and “continue to courageously promote the most ambitious feminist, social and economic measures.” She has also highlighted that they assume this new political stage with “renewed strength” because “a voice that speaks clearly” is needed.

Díaz regrets the “citizen disaffection”

Minutes later, Díaz also responded indirectly to Belarra through the media that since the previous mandate, thanks to Sumar, the Constitution has been “fully complied with.” “We have done it when we decidedly raised the Minimum Wage by 47%, with the labor reform or with many public policies that serve to reduce inequality as the main problem today in our country,” he stressed.

Regarding the split of Podemos from its parliamentary group, the person responsible for the space with which the parties to the left of the PSOE participated in the 23-J elections has considered that it is a decision that contributes to “citizen disaffection” and has asked ” “height of sight” to the purples so that “they may not be confused as adversaries.” “Progressive people in Spain would not understand that public policies that are important and that are good for people’s lives can be put in check due to party interests,” the vice president has warned.

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