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Who killed Agatha in Earth and Passion?  - Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo
Who killed Agatha in Earth and Passion? – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The soap opera ‘Earth and Passion‘ continues to catch fire on the TV Globo screen and as you watched today, December 7th, Agatha (Eliane Giardini) was cruelly murdered in a mysterious way, with three shots, inside the La Selva mansion.

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Faced with this more than mysterious murder, the Vip area separated for you, reader, the names of the main suspects for the brutal crime against the villain and mother of young Caio (Cauã Reymond), Jonatas (Paulo Lessa) and Hélio (Rafael Vitti).

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Among the main suspects for the crime are: Angelina (Inez Viana), Antônio (Tony Ramos), Gentil (Flávio Bauraqui) Hélio (Rafael Vitti), Irene (Gloria Pires), Jussara (Tatiana Tiburcio), Luigi (Rainer Cadete) and Ramiro (Amaury Lorenzo).

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Take part in our poll – Who do you think is responsible for the death? Who is the killer?

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More about Eliane Giardini, Agatha from ‘Land and Passion’

It is worth remembering that, on the morning of this Thursday, December 7th, Eliane was present at the ‘Encontro’ with Patrícia Poeta and revealed one of the most emotional scenes she recorded before her character’s death. “There’s a beautiful scene that I did just now, the day before yesterday, with Rafa Vitti. One Christmas he will visit her in prison. And he said to her: ‘I’m going to get you out of here, you’re not going to spend any more Christmas here’. A scene here“, she said.

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Still on the attraction, Eliane Giardini said that Agatha was one of the most challenging characters of her career. “First, due to the complexity of the character. Then, through the compressed space. I did the entire soap opera in 4 months. There was no belly in this character. A huge story was told in 100 chapters. And all this with a lot of emotion“, she said, revealing that even after the character’s death, she will continue to appear in flashbacks until the end of the soap opera in January 2024.

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