PP and Vox add absolute majority for the first time since 23-J

Sigma Dos survey for EL MUNDO


They surpass the sum of leftists and sovereignists, while the PSOE contains the fall with 18.6% of those disenchanted with Yolanda Daz

Feijo greets Sánchez after his inauguration.POOL
  • The panel The amnesty fractures Sánchez’s voters: the ‘no’ wins with 45.8%
  • Politics The sudden fall of Podemos before turning 10: Errejn’s “betrayal”, the “paranoid” drift and “Irene’s little chapel”

If new general elections were held today, the PP would once again be, by far, the party with the most votes, just like 23-J, but with a substantial difference compared to four and a half months ago: this time the sum of its deputies with the

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