Presenter shows the middle finger during newscast, apologizes and explains why

Maryam Moshiri – Reproduction/BBC

The BBC news anchor, Maryam Moshiri, ended up impressing all viewers by showing the middle finger during the news. Considered one of the main presenters on the British network, she made the gesture during the opening of the program broadcast in London, England.

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It all happened right after the opening vignette, when Maryam appeared, in a split second, showing the finger. After the gesture, the presenter recovered and continued to present the news.

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Maryam Moshiri apologizes and explains what happened

After the controversy, Maryam Moshiri used X (formerly Twitter) to apologize and explain what happened. According to the presenter, she was playing with her team with her fingers, through a countdown to the start of the news program.

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Without realizing it, the camera ended up capturing the count of “1”, generating all the repercussions. “When we got to 1, I turned [meu] I fingered it as a joke and didn’t realize it would be caught on camera.”he explained.

Maryam also apologized for the joke and particularly to her entire team, stating that she is sorry that the moment was aired during the live program. “It was a private team joke and I’m sorry it was aired! I didn’t mean for this to happen and I’m sorry if I offended or upset anyone.”he said.

According to the news anchor, his intention was not to show the “middle finger”, but to make a joke to a small group of friends. This was evidently not well-received, as she went live during a major media outlet. “It was a silly joke aimed at a small number of my friends.”she said, reinforcing the apology.

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