Preta Gil celebrates cancer cure: “I won this battle”

Preta Gil talks about the cure for cancer – Reproduction Instagram

After months of fighting cancer, Preta Gil He used social media to tell his followers that he had recovered from the disease. The singer made a video to share the news and thank everyone who was by her side during this difficult time.

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She published the video on her Instagram profile. “Finally making this long-awaited video for you, the video that I say with all my heart and with all the approval of doctors, I beat bowel cancer, I won this battle together with the help of God, my orixás, my saints , from your love, from my family and the irreparable competence of the doctors, I am here to tell you that my cancer treatment is over“, began the singer.

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She talked about rehabilitation and new ways of living. “I had surgery ten days ago, which was the last stage of this treatment and which was also a very successful surgery. I am in the rehabilitation process. It’s a more delicate process, I have to relearn how to perform my physiological functions and this requires a lot of dedication, a lot of pelvic physiotherapy. I will still be under medical care for five years… and I will do everything the doctors tell me“, continued.

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Preta also thanked her fans for their love throughout the process. She states that, despite the “arduous and painful” period, she managed to learn “positive lessons from these 12 months of treatment, but the greatest of all is really seeing this love materialize”.

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The singer also thanked her fans for their love throughout the process. “I will forever be grateful to all of you who here on social media, on the streets, sent me messages of affection, love, affection, positive energies, each one with their religion, each one with their faith, each one of your way, but emanating love, this is very important, it was a message you gave me with everything I experienced“, said the singer.

Check out the video:

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