Prosecutor’s Office rejects Chaves’ request to stop publication of Presidency audios

He Public ministry rejected the request made by President Rodrigo Chaves and his Minister of Communication Jorge Rodríguez to stop the publication of the audios of the presidency, revealed by former minister Patricia Navarro.

This request was made by Chaves and Rodríguez in a complaint filed with the Prosecutor’s Office against Navarro and the newspaper La Nación, precisely due to the publication of the audios of meetings in which it is proven that both Chaves and Rodríguez and other Presidency officials agreed to agreement to grant a $300,000 contract to producer Cristian Bulgarelli, financed with funds from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

Said contract had to be submitted to a competition and the parameters of the poster were drawn up by Bulgarelli himself.

Added to this is that in the audios, President Chaves is clearly interested in his friend, financier and advisor Federico Cruz “Choreco” benefiting from said contract, through the Bulgarelli agency.

In addition, it was revealed that Chaves exerted pressure to control the advertising of the autonomous institutions, in order to remove it from media outlets that are critical of his government.

According to a publication of the newspaper La Nación, The Prosecutor’s Office determined that:

“The recordings revealed are not private conversations, but rather deal with money and public contracts. Furthermore, the president and senior officials intervene in the audios, which entails a public interest that deserves social scrutiny,” the media quotes.

Chaves intended that, by order of a judge, La Nación be forced to stop publishing said audios, but the Prosecutor’s Office rejected the request, considering that this represented prior censorship.

“Chaves’ request to stop the publication of the audios would constitute prior censorshipan action that is prohibited in Costa Rica”, publishes La Nación.

Editor’s Note: News updated at 12:23 pm

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