radical change of the car to beat Red Bull

Parallel to the deep reflection on Aston Martin and McLaren, Toto Wolff He has spoken on ‘RacingNews365’ about his plan Mercedes by 2024.

The head of the German team has assured that, as happened in 2022 with the zero pontoon concept so unsuccessful, they want to carry out a metamorphosis in the car for the next season.

“Last year, for a long time, we didn’t understand why our car was so bad,” recalls Wolff, who seems to have learned his lesson.

“We will have a different chassis, different aerodynamics, different features, different suspension and everything we can change, we will change“, Explain.

Although the results in the simulator are encouraging, the Mercedes boss is aware that the change entails a risk.

“Until now, the results in the virtual world are positive, but we must be careful when managing our expectations. We need such a step to catch up and fight for a championshipbut obviously if you take a radical step, that means a lot of new knowledge,” he says.

About Red Bulltheir greatest rival, Wolff warns of the favorable ‘handicap’ with which they play, since “they will have started next year’s car long before everyone else.”

It should be remembered that Mercedes already experienced this situation firsthand: “We have been there in 2019, 2020 and then you are in a positive cycle in which you are obtaining an advantage, and this is one of the headwinds that we are having at the moment “.

Of course, from the energy drink brand predict a future that is anything but prosperous for the team of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. We will see.

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