Reading Comprehension- Finding Nemo graciaafrika

This document provides quick reading comprehension questions to ask your student/child that relates to the book Finding Nemo by Gail Herman. The ISBN13 of this book is 9780141316598. If you have any questions, feel free to message! There are 70 questions in this document. To see what you’re going to get, I’ve provided the first 5 questions of the document below. Prologue: (Pg. 4-8): 1. Where is the setting of the story? Off the coast of Australia 2. What is the name of their reef? Great Barrier Reef 3. What are Coral and Marlin waiting for? Their eggs to hatch 4. What did Marlin name the last remaining egg? Nemo Chapter 1: (Pg. 9-16): 5. What was it time for? Nemo’s first day of school

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