Real Madrid of the ‘double B’ stumble during their visit to Betis

It looked like it was going to be a great afternoon at the Villamarín. An important match afternoon. Great match. To see two good football teams face to face. Tasteful. To see face to face Betis and Real Madrid. And yes, they gave what they promised they would give in a 90-minute duel that ended in a draw and that either of the two contenders could have won.

Because they deserved it. They both deserved to win. And like that’s how it was in the end Neither one nor the other went home with the three points. They left, of course, knowing that they couldn’t do more to achieve a victory that until the end was more than in doubt with Isco who headed the post and Joselu who finished narrowly wide.

But neither one nor the other could put the ball in the nets. Neither one nor the other could emulate Bellingham and Ruibal. To the authors of the Villamarín goals. Two goals, two great goals. Yeah, another one from Jude. Another one from the one who came out of the green as MVP of the match.

Jude 12

Before the time he had already scored. His goal was his 12th in the tournament. In his first year in LaLiga. In his first year with Real Madrid. He practically started the play. Of nothing. Jude faced up, put it to Brahim and began the unmarking. The maxim of football. Pass and move. And goal.

Because the former Milan player connected with the Englishman in a perfect pass that left him completely alone in front of Rui Silva. Calmly, Bellingham put her in the tights.

But Betis was not far behind. It didn’t collapse. And what a great goal that Ruibal gave to those present at Villamarín. From the edge of the area, a direct right shot into the corner of today’s owner Lunin.

Ruibal’s shot for 1-1

Unstoppable. Completely unstoppable for the Ukrainian goalkeeper. And everything as at the beginning. All with a tie. Everything with 1-1 with 24 minutes left. It was a quick reaction from Betisone to which Real Madrid tried to respond.

And to which Pellegrini’s team tried to provide continuity. Because there were occasions. Because there was football. Because neither one nor the other they seemed to want to settle with the little point that they were going to end up adding. Because they know well that, in the end, everything counts in LaLiga.

Especially when you fight to win the title, because Girona can be the leader alone to beat Barça. Because Barça can close Real Madrid to beat Girona. And because Atléticowho still has a game to play, can join the party.

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