reappeared in public in London

King Charles III reappeared in public this Tuesday when he left his London residence of Clarence House by car with Queen Camilla, in his first photo since announcing that he was suffering from cancer.

The 75-year-old monarch and his wife greeted the crowd smilingly from the back seat of the car. According to the British news agency PA, they had to go to nearby Buckingham Palace before taking a helicopter to their residence in Sandringham, in the east of England.

The king had been resting there since he underwent a scheduled intervention at the end of January for “benign” prostate hypertrophy. In that operation, which had been announced in advance by Buckingham Palace, the cancer was detected, which was reported this Monday but without any details about where you are staying or what kind of treatment will be necessary. We only know that it is not prostate cancer.

After 17 months on the throne, Charles III, who received his first treatment on Monday, will be absent from public life for an indefinite period.

The sovereign assured that he was “very optimistic” about his treatment and said that he will continue to oversee “state affairs and administrative tasks” related to his role as Head of State of 15 countries, including the United Kingdom.

Get well wishes poured in from around the world after the announcement, which caused shock in the UK.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wanted to convey a message of reassurance about the king’s health and assured the BBC that the monarch’s cancer was “detected early.”

The first appearance of King Charles III.The first appearance of King Charles III.

“Of course, I am in regular contact (with the king) and will continue to communicate with him as usual,” added the conservative leader who maintains weekly conversations with Charles III.

Prince Harry’s visit

His son Harry, who for years has had difficult relations with the royal family, landed a few hours earlier at Heathrow airport, according to British media, to visit his father.

Less than 24 hours after the announcement, the prince arrived in London on Tuesday and landed at Heathrow, according to the press.

Harry traveled without his wife Meghan or his two children, Archie and Lilibet, according to the press, as already happened with his lightning visit for his father’s coronation in May.

“Has the time come for Harry to come home?” asked the Daily Mirror tabloid, which, like most British newspapers, dedicated extensive articles on Tuesday to a possible royal reconciliation, in difficult times for the British monarchy.

The people who gathered in front of the Palace after the announcement of the departure of Charles III.The people who gathered in front of the Palace after the announcement of the departure of Charles III.

The disease once again plunges the monarchy into uncertainty a year and a half after the shock of the death of Elizabeth II at the age of 96 and after more than 70 years of reign.

Especially since one of the most beloved figures of the royal family, Princess Kate, wife of Prince William, has been recovering for days from a mysterious abdominal operation in January for which she remained hospitalized for almost two weeks.

He has not appeared since Christmas and is not scheduled to return until Easter, at the end of March.

Therefore, the monarchy’s public presence now depends on Queen Camilla, 76, and William, the crown prince, 41.

Shortly before the announcement of the king’s cancer, the prince announced that he would resume his public activities on Wednesday, suspended for several weeks to stay with Kate and their three children.

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