Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón: The president of the Electoral Tribunal announces that he will not resign from being a magistrate of the judicial body

The president of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation has decided not to leave his position as a magistrate, although he has left his permanence in the Presidency of this judicial body up in the air after the request for resignation made to him last week by three of his four companions. Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón published a letter this Monday morning, hours before the session scheduled to resolve his permanence in leadership, in which he assures that “the best way to address differences is by resolving them together.” Judges Felipe de la Mata, Mónica Soto and Felipe Fuentes had published their own letter this weekend in which they warned him that “clinging to office” would have “harmful consequences for the autonomy of this body.”

The future of Rodríguez Mondragón as head of the Presidency of the highest court on electoral issues in Mexico is close to being defined. In the session on December 7, three of his colleagues surprisingly asked him to resign, although he refused to do so at that time. He then defined that he was going to make a decision this Monday, and now he has assured in his letter that he will call to resume the session that day so that his permanence in the Presidency of the Court can be put into consideration. “The construction of a collegiate solution is the best possible solution to resolve our differences,” he reads in his message made public on X (formerly Twitter).

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