Ricardo Pereira, journalist and former director of Globo, dies aged 72

Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira – Photo: Globo

The journalist and former director of Globo Portugal died on the night of last Sunday, December 10 Ricardo Pereira, at 72 years of age. The veteran’s death was confirmed by his family. Details of the wake and burial have not yet been released.

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According to information released by Globo itself, Ricardo Pereira was treated for pancreatic and liver cancer four years ago. In September, the renowned journalist retired and participated in the transition ceremony for Globo Portugal’s management position.

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In short, the artist remained at the station for more than 40 years. He was also a political reporter and international correspondent, in addition to being a director. In all his roles, he reported events of great repercussion for Brazil and the world, within ‘Jornal Nacional’ and ‘Fantástico’.

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More about Ricardo Pereira

Ricardo recently recorded a documentary for Globoplay, where he commented on the earthquake in Southern Italy in 1980: “It was the most dramatic coverage I’ve done in my career. I had never seen anything like it. Death, destruction and pain caused by a tragic mix of fatality and poverty“, remember. About the 1982 World Cup, he said: “It was the dream Cup for TV Globo and for all of us who participated. To be perfect, it just needed to match the Italians. Globo was exclusive to the World Cup. We were 150 Brazilians covering the event in Spain, a fantastic World Cup“, he said.

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Still in the documentary, Ricardo commented on the Falklands and post-War: “We got permission from the English government to go to the Falklands. I went with cameraman Newton Quilichini. We saw the absurdity of that war. The English troops managed to take Goose Green, which seemed to be a very important city in the geopolitics of the islands. But Goose Green is exactly four houses and a church. We found diaries from Argentine soldiers. That military operation was a mistake, a lot of people died for nothing“.

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