Roberto Sotomayor and Carolina Alonso will leave the party

We can be emptied. Roberto Sotomayor and Carolina Alonso They will leave the party because of the refusal of the ‘purples’ to join forces with Sumar as an argument. The former Podemos candidate for the Madrid City Council has explained that the most important political difference between him and Podemos is his resignation from the Frente Amplio and his double militancy, and Carolina Alonso has used practically the same words to explain his departure.

They haven’t been the only ones who have abandoned the purple formation since His decision to separate himself from Yolanda Díaz’s platform was made public.Nacho Alvarez, proposed by the leader of Sumar to occupy a ministry before the break between both formations, he affirms that he resigned because Podemos lost confidence in him.

Alejandra Jacinto, a former deputy in the Madrid Assembly, argued that her departure was due to “the difficult balances between various identities.” Another former deputy in Madrid, Jesus Santosassured that his differences with Podemos today are enormous for him to leave the party.

The ban on double militancy in Podemos Catalunya, since the beginning of November, also led to the president of En Comú Podem, Jessica Albiachto make the decision to unsubscribe from Podem.

A drip that has already provoked Sumar’s reaction. In fact, the training is studying denounce Podemos before the Anti-Transfuguism Pact after a week ago he broke with Yolanda Díaz’s coalition in Congress to join the Mixed Group. This is what Sumar’s spokesperson and Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, has announced, who has avoided labeling the five purple deputies as turncoats and has limited himself to citing the Anti-Transfuguism Agreement, which Podemos also signed.

“Transfuguism cannot be rewarded”Urtasun stressed in a press conference at Espacio Rastro to explain the steps they are taking in order to try to isolate this type of behavior in politicians. He, too, has not asked the five deputies, led by Ione Belarra, to return their minutes, insisting that they are the ones who should make these decisions.

According to Podemos, their departure to the Mixed Group to be able to have a political role that Sumar denied them has nothing to do with an act of transfuguismo because it is not an individual rupture like the one carried out by the purple deputy Meri Pita when the year In the past he left the Unidas Podemos bench to join the MixtoIsa Serra justified a few days ago. Although Sumar sources recognize that this breakup complicates the situation for the Government, they now want to turn the page and focus on their legislative agenda.

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