Robles confirms that Spain complained to the US about the leak of secret information, but insists that it is a “friendly” country

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has explained that Spain transferred “at the time” to the United States the complaints by the leak of information reserved for that country by two agents of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), although it has assured that this “in no case” affects bilateral relations.

In statements to the media from the El Goloso military base in Madrid, Robles confirmed the information reported this Thursday by The country regarding the fact that the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs protested after discovering that two Spanish secret service agents were bribed to facilitate classified information to the United States.

“Complaints from Spain were conveyed at the time,” said the minister, who pointed out that, however, “in no case does it affect the fundamental core of the relations between two countries that are allies and friends“. Two CNI agents were arrested for allegedly revealing secrets by having leaked information reserved to the United States.

One of the agents is still in prison

One of them is in prison, while the other was released with precautionary measures. The minister recalled that the complaint came from the CNI itself after detecting that irregular conduct was being carried out that could constitute a crime.

The CNI officials are being investigated for revealing secrets, although the facts could also constitute an aggravated version of that crime, What is treason through espionage for a foreign power?, which can be punished by between 6 and 12 years in prison. The events date back to the end of September, although they were not known until this week and the case is under secret by order of the judge investigating them.

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