Sánchez takes a turn in his defense of the amnesty: “The PP would have approved it if it had not depended on Vox”


The president emphasizes that it will be “the legislative power and not the Executive” that gives the green light to this measure of grace

Pedro S.
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Pedro Sanchez This Thursday, he introduced a new twist in his defense of forgiveness for those prosecuted for the illegal 1-O referendum in Catalonia. “I am so convinced of the virtues of the Amnesty Law that I am convinced that the PP, if it had not depended on the votes of Vox to be able to carry out its investiture and only on peripheral nationalism, would have approved the Amnesty Law,” he said. assured the President of the Government in an interview on Antena 3.

Furthermore, he has stressed that it will be “the legislative power and not the Executive” that will give the green light to the application of this grace measure, predictably with 178 votes in Congress, two more than the absolute majority, which, he has indicated, is “no less number of representatives of the citizens.” Thus, he has avoided directly linking this decision with Junts’ demand that its seven deputies support the investiture, a claim that ERC also shares.

Sánchez has also resorted to the arguments that he has been reiterating for weeks to try to justify his change of opinion on the amnesty, which until the eve of the general elections on June 23 he said was unconstitutional, such as that it must be “make a virtue of necessity”: “There was a need, to articulate a majority that would allow us to have a progressive Government for these next four years, but there is also virtue because, in effect, sooner or later, we must make these decisions.”

“Once and for all we have to leave behind the judicial drift caused by the trauma that October 1, 2017 represented and everything that happened previously,” the president stressed. “I understand that there are citizens who have doubts, who are wary of approving exceptions to the rule, but, thanks to those exceptions to the rule, our democracy moved forward 45 years ago and thanks to these exceptions to the rule we can make Catalonia “guarantee a coexistence comparable to that enjoyed by other territories,” he added, drawing a parallel with the Transition.

In the interview with the journalist Susanna Grisovery tense at times, Sánchez has argued that the Government of Jose Mara Aznar “approved 1,400 pardons in a single day.” He has also pointed out that, since the Second World War, “in Europe 50 amnesties have been approved in many full democracies such as the French, the Italian, the German or the Portuguese”, which, in his opinion, shows that it is a measure ” perfectly incardinated in European values”.

Furthermore, in response to the claim of the pro-independence parties that the next step be a self-determination referendum in Catalonia, the president has justified that “no one requires political formations in a democracy to forget or abandon their political objectives”: “The key is “in which this coexistence and political debate are guaranteed within the constitutional framework, which is what was violated and precisely violated during all those years.”

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