scar Puente blocks the head of Mobility of the Madrid City Council in the middle of the Cercanas crisis


The Minister of Transport also blocks the delegate of Social Policies amid criticism from the PP

The Minister of Transport,
The Minister of Transport, Scar Puente
  • Transportation Madrid demands an urgent meeting from Minister Oscar Puente after the third derailment in 12 days: “The network is getting worse daily”

The derailment of three trains in just a few days on the stretch of train between the Atocha and Recoletos stations has revived the debate about the state of the Cercanas service in the Community of Madrid. And the criticism, already repeated in the last year, from the PP has concluded with the Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente, blocking the delegates of Urban Planning, Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante, and of Social Policies, José Fernández, on Twitter .

The dispute arises when the councilor popular, In two tweets, he points out the minister for having “priority to Rodalies”referring to the agreement reached by the Government and the Generalitat for the investiture, and assures that both Puente and Pedro Sánchez “they keep looking the other way” despite the incidents in Cercanas. That’s when the blockade occurs and the subsequent complaint from both Carabante and other members of the PP.

“No matter how much Scar Puente blocks me, we will continue to denounce the risk posed by derailments in Cercanas,” the delegate stated through the social network and added that it is the “responsibility” of the head of Transport to “guarantee the safety of Madrid residents.” on trains.” “This is Pedro Sánchez’s institutional respect for Madrid“, it is finished.

The mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has also joined the criticism, stating that Puente “is derailing like those nearby” by blocking his head of Mobility, “but this happening is neither a good thing nor a good idea for him.” sanchista that is”. “It doesn’t work like that in high politics.. And as long as the terrible management at Cercanas does not change, you will read many things that you don’t like. “Block everyone?” the Culture delegate, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, also pointed out.

Right now, Train circulation between Atocha and Recoletos stations has been cut off by Renfe to advance the tests they had planned and immediately analyze the problems that occur on that section, where three trains have derailed in the last two weeks. The tests, as Renfe confirmed yesterday in a statement, will be carried out with a double-decker train and will include passing through the changes on tracks 4 and 5 of Atocha Cercanas.

The cuts in the service have also forced the Cercanas system to be reorganized in the Community of Madrid since the trains coming from the Henares Corridor will now end and begin in Atocha as well as those coming from the so-called Green Corridor. For their part, those coming from the Adolfo Surez-Madrid Barajas airport as well as the line between Príncipe Po and Las Rozas will do so from Nuevos Ministerios. Finally, the lines coming from El Escorial and Cercedilla will have their start and end in Chamartín.

Medium and long distance trains will also see how their route is modified due to the incidents in the capital. Those leaving from Madrid towards Almera, Jan, Alcázar de San Juan and Extremadura will leave Chamartín and pass through Villaverde Bajo, through an alternative section to the Recoletos tunnel. At that point the transfer will be made to the convoy that will take them to those points in the national territory.

In the opposite direction, travelers from those points will arrive at Aranjuez or Legans where they will have to transfer to Cercanas to reach the Atocha station.

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