Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua is crowned Miss Universe 2023 in a celebration full of joy and jubilation

Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua is crowned Miss Universe 2023 in a celebration full of joy and jubilation

In a historic moment for Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios, a 23-year-old girl from Diriamba, has achieved a milestone by becoming the new queen of universal beauty by winning the coveted title of Miss Universe 2023. This triumph marks the first time in the history that Nicaragua takes the crown in the most anticipated beauty pageant of the season.

Despite the absence of Sheynnis Palacios in Nicaragua, the joy and emotion of her victory have overflowed in the streets of the country. Nicaraguan families have joined together in a celebration full of enthusiasm and pride, demonstrating their unconditional support for the new Miss Universe.

Despite the restrictions imposed by Daniel Ortega’s regime, which prohibit participation in public activities not called by the government, Nicaraguan citizens have defied these limitations to express their happiness and celebrate Sheynnis Palacios’ achievement. The contagious energy and festive spirit have filled the streets, while vehicle drivers join the celebration by waving with their horns.

The Miss Nicaragua Organization has reported that Sheynnis Palacios is heading to the United States to fulfill her commitments as a beauty ambassador in the world. Although no details have been provided regarding her immediate return, she is expected to represent Nicaragua with pride and dedication in her new role.

In a short video published on social networks, you can see the moment when Sheynnis Palacios is on the plane with other former Miss Universe, such as Lupita Jones (Miss Universe 1991) and Andrea Meza (Miss Universe 2020). The passengers, infected by emotion, applaud and congratulate Palacios for her well-deserved victory.

The coronation of Sheynnis Palacios as Miss Universe 2023 is a reason for celebration and joy for the entire Nicaraguan people. Her victory represents the talent, beauty and determination of the women of Nicaragua. We congratulate Sheynnis Palacios on her extraordinary achievement and wish her success in her reign as a beauty ambassador to the world. May her reign be filled with unforgettable moments and opportunities to inspire others with her success story!

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