Shock in Latin American and Spanish politics after the death of Sebastián Piñera in a helicopter accident

The unexpected death of former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera in a helicopter accident has caused a stir in international politics. From Spain, Pedro Sánchez has claimed to be “dismayed” and has conveyed his condolences to his family and friends, as well as to the Executive and the Chilean people.

During his mandate, we strengthened ties between our two countries and together we made COP 25 possible at a crucial moment in the fight against the climate emergency. Rest in peace,” wrote the President of the Government, whose first years at the head of the Executive coincided with Piñera’s second term.

Also his predecessor, Mariano Rajoyhas regretted that “an unfortunate accident has cost the life” of the former Chilean president, whom he has remembered as “a great democrat who loved his country” and “a great defender and friend of Spain“. “I have been able to verify it. A big hug to her family,” she added on the social network ‘X’, where she attached a photo with Piñera.

Through the same platform, the current leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has conveyed the condolences of the Popular Party for the death of Piñera. “It represents the loss of a key figure in Chilean democracy, who marked a very important chapter in the history of his country,” he stated.

In turn, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrellhas expressed his condolences on behalf of the EU: “In light of the tragic death of former President Sebastián Piñera, on behalf of the EU, I wish to express our most sincere condolences to his family, friends, as well as to the people and government of Chile,” he said. indicated in ‘X’.

Also the former Colombian president Ivan Duque He has expressed his pain over the death of his “great friend and companion”, whom he has defined as “a unique leader, an upright human being and a friend like few others who always supported Colombia.” Duque has conveyed his solidarity to his family in a message in which he added: “Dear Sebastian, you will always be in our memory and we will defend your legacy.”

Duque’s condolences have also been added to that of his predecessor, Juan Manuel Santos: “Sebastián Piñera was a good personal friend and a great ally of Colombia. He supported and was a guarantor of the peace process, and together we created the Pacific Alliance,” he recalled.

The former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe He has also expressed his pain and solidarity with his family and “with the democracy of our brother country.” “President Piñera was a great friend of Colombia and I personally had a friendship with him, which I value very much, since 2004,” she stated.

Also the former president of Bolivia Evo Morales He has sent his condolences to the people of Chile for the death of the former president, with whom he worked “side by side,” he said, despite their ideological differences. “I was in numerous international meetings with him and, Although we did not coincide ideologically, we worked side by side on several topics,” he wrote on his social networks.

The former Ecuadorian president has expressed himself along the same lines. Rafael Correawho stressed that, despite ideological differences, they always maintained a “very good relationship as presidents.”

For its part, the Office of the current president of Argentina, Javier Mileihas regretted the death of Piñera in a brief statement published on his official profile on the social network of the President of Argentina.

The former Argentine president Mauricio Macri, for his part, has acknowledged feeling “enormous sadness” over the death of his “dear friend.” “Good people, committed like no one else to Chile and to the values ​​of freedom and democracy in Latin America,” she said. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro He recalled that Piñera and he were “allies in the progress and well-being” of their respective countries. “An irreparable void for our Chilean brothers,” he lamented.

In turn, the former Paraguayan president Mario Abdo Benitez He regretted the “sad news”: “In the hardest moments, Piñera was always supporting Paraguay and the entire region,” he published in ‘X’, along with a photograph of both. The former president has also revealed that This same Monday they participated in a video call “together with a group of former presidents” and has sent his “hug of solidarity to the entire Piñera family and the Chilean people.”

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