Six teenagers convicted for the beheading of Professor Samuel Paty in 2020


The Paris Children’s Court decrees six months of firm imprisonment for two of the six minors accused

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A photograph in memory of Samuel PatyFrancois MoriAP | Pool

A French court on Friday sentenced six teenagers in connection with the 2020 beheading of the history teacher Samuel Patty, whose murder shocked the country. Finally, the Paris Children’s Court has decreed six months of firm imprisonment for two of the six minors prosecuted for their involvement in the murder of the high school teacher.

The other four were given sentences of 14 months or more in prison, although they were exempt from serving. The two firm six-month sentences – for the teenager who invented the slander that led to the murder and for the young man who pointed out Paty to the terrorist – can be replaced by an electronic bracelet.

The teacher had shown his students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in a class on freedom of expression, which angered some Muslim parents. Most Muslims avoid depictions of prophets, considering them blasphemous.

Among the six defendants was a teenager who had allegedly told her parents that Paty had asked the Muslim students to leave the room before showing the cartoons. The court found her guilty of making false accusations and slanderous comments, since it was established that she was not in the class at the time.

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